MLB The Show 21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Sony San Diego’s baseball simulation series is notorious for its launch week server woes, but a bigger-than-ever player pool means that MLB The Show 21 is really dropping the ball right now. Server timeouts are frequent, leading to lost progress in both online and offline modes. The most common error that occurs is the “unhandled server exception” message, which we experienced at least a dozen times yesterday.

As a result of the issues, the developer is extending the title’s current double XP period “until further notice”, meaning you’ll have more time to complete your 1st Inning Program – assuming you can stay online, of course. “Our priority is to improve our server stability and performance,” the studio said. “Thank you all for your reports and your continued patience.”

While we enjoyed the game in our MLB The Show 21 review, there are a number of issues that the studio needs to address. Progress in Road to the Show is glacial, for example, and the team has already committed to improving that with a patch. There are also a number of mind-boggling bugs, like the fact that your Ballplayer’s overall level will remain stuck at 65 overall regardless of their stats. Here’s hoping the team can tidy things up promptly.