MLB The Show 21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Ever since launch, improving your Ballplayer in MLB The Show 21’s flagship Road to the Show campaign mode has been a chore. Sony San Diego said that it would look into this over a week ago, and now it’s releasing a patch that should help to improve the problem. Scheduled to release later today on PlayStation 5 (v1.003) and PS4 (v1.03), the patch notes point out that the “progression rate of Ballplayer fundamentals” has been improved.

Crucially, this update will also fix an issue where Archetype Program progression is not correctly attributed, meaning that many had been playing games without actually being rewarded for them. While this won’t fix all of the flaws of the new format – the user interface could do with a rethink in order to better demonstrate what your goals are and how much progress you’re making within them – it should at least speed up the glacial progression.

The patch will also fix a slew of other gameplay bugs, while also implementing some requested features, like the ability to better organise and sort created stadiums. The servers have also improved a lot over the past few days, so it seems the team is on the right track now. New content has been releasing regularly in Diamond Dynasty, with the 2nd Inning program not too far away. Hopefully it can get everything cleaned up in time for the deployment of that.