MLB The Show 21 PS5 PlayStation 5 1

After some challenging lists in the past, MLB The Show 21’s Trophies have been getting easier and easier over time. This year’s game is perhaps the most straightforward yet – in fact, you could probably pick up the Platinum on PlayStation 5 and PS4 in a weekend. Most of the virtual gongs can be collected naturally through gameplay, such as notching a cumulative total of 100 home runs or falling behind in the count before working your way back to 3-2.

There’s one gong built around the new Pinpoint Pitching mechanic – you need to strikeout three batters in a single inning with that system enabled – and there’s also some really, really simple stuff like opening a single card pack in Diamond Dynasty. Honestly, you’ll get almost all of these Trophies without even trying by simply playing the game for a few hours.

Some of the Trophies do focus on specific modes like winning the World Series in March to October and getting drafted by an MLB team in Road to the Show, but if you’re buying the game you’re probably going to want to achieve these things at some point anyway. The list is identical across PS5 and PS4, so if you’re getting the Jackie Robinson edition, you can earn the Platinum twice if you want to.

Will you be going for the top gong here? Earn the Platinum quicker than a Jacob de Grom fastball in the comments section below.