As promised earlier in the week, Sony San Diego has completely deconstructed all of the gameplay tweaks it’s making for MLB The Show 21’s hitting and pitching systems, and while this livestream is unlikely to appeal to anyone but the most engaged fan – it’s a really interesting watch. The video details everything from difficulty settings and onboarding, all the way through to check swings and the new pinpoint pitching mechanic.

It’s that latter feature that’s one of the game’s big headline additions, and it’s a gesture-based system which will see you replicating motions with the analogue stick in order to perform different pitches. In the stream, it’s described as the most difficult pitching mechanic to use – but it also has the upshot of being the most accurate. We’re excited to try it out.

The video concludes with a new legend reveal: New York Yankees power hitter Alfonso Soriano. He’s the first of a number of legends who’ll be joining the game, with more to be revealed in the run-up to release.