Fall Guys, the game everyone wants to collaborate with. Any game worth its salt has a crossover of some sort with the 60-player platformer β€” Portal 2, Cuphead, and Among Us are just some of the titles represented. So, what's next in line to be immortalised in jelly bean fashion? Well, if our headline didn't give it away, this teaser surely does:

Yes, it appears Shovel Knight will be making his way to Fall Guys in the near future. While none of the outfits have been confirmed, we imagine some of the game's most beloved characters will be represented, of course including the main man himself. It's pretty easy to picture a bunch of chubby Shovel Knights lining up to take on Fall Mountain.

This won't be the last crossover, either β€” we're sure there are plenty more on the way, with the rumoured Fortnite crossover and a supposedly leaked list of collabs doing the rounds. Anyway, will you be rocking the Shovel Knight costumes in Fall Guys? Dig up some gold in the comments section below.

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