Erica PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Ex-PlayStation 4 exclusive FMV Erica was already ported to iOS platforms, and now it’s launching on PC as well. The interactive movie – developed by UK studio Flavourworks – will cost £9.99/$11.99 on Steam, but there will be a 10 per cent when it releases on 25th May. While the IP is owned by Sony, the developer is self-publishing this PC port; it’s similar to what happened with Quantic Dream’s titles.

We liked the game a lot when it first launched in 2019, and an excerpt from our Erica PS4 review follows: “Erica is an intriguing, admirable experience that those looking for something a little outside of the video game norm will surely latch on to. With an impressive set of performances, a story that’ll have you hooked straight from the off, and meaningful decisions that have a major impact on the game, FMV is making waves all over again.”