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Humanity has a price, and Epic Games is willing to pay it. Quantic Dream’s trilogy of ex-PlayStation exclusives are coming to the PC, which means that Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human will no longer be tethered solely to Sony’s systems. Controversially, the trio will initially launch as Epic Games Store exclusives – although it sounds like they will be free to deploy elsewhere after a year has elapsed.

Bizarrely, looking at the licensing information on each title’s respective product page, the Japanese giant will be publishing these games; the company is, at the very least, listed as the copyright holder. This differs from titles like Journey, which are in the process of being ported to the PC with Annapurna Interactive acting as the publisher. Presumably the platform holder feels that these titles have served their purpose as exclusives.

It’s not exactly a massive surprise, though, as the French developer recently revealed that it will be turning its attention to multiformat development, after NetEase purchased a minority stake in the firm. Do you feel that this lessens the appeal of the PlayStation platform? Could you see other externally developed exclusives like Bloodborne launching on the PC in the future? Skip the shower scene in the comments section below.