EA Sports has grabbed its biggest sand wedge and is taking the fight directly to PGA Tour 2K21: upcoming golf simulation EA Sports PGA Tour will feature exclusive access to the Masters tournament in Augusta. Those who can differentiate their putter from their 5 Iron will know that the prestigious tournament is arguably the most famous event in the golfing calendar, with the iconic green jacket being the prize that all professionals covet.

As part of a Twitter post confirming the tournament’s inclusion, the publisher also uploaded an image of the Augusta National, with the caption “a cover unlike any other”. Considering there’s also an ESRB rating in the corner – which is the United States’ official ratings board – it’s perhaps safe to assume this is the title’s final box art.

The text also reads Road to the Masters, which suggests the career mode will probably see you working your way towards the coveted green jacket. It’s not the first time the Masters has featured in an EA Sports game, of course; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters on PlayStation 3 was also massively built around its inclusion of the tournament as well.

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