Days Gone PS4

You more than likely already know what this is in response to. As part of the kerfuffle over a Days Gone 2 pitch being rejected by Sony, former Bend director John Garvin controversially said that fans should buy games "at f***ing full price" if they love them. "I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen gamers say ‘yeah, I got that on sale, I got it through PS Plus, whatever.’" And now, on the completely opposite end of the spectrum, Days Gone lead designer Eric Jensen has sought to assure fans he appreciates them no matter how much money they spent on the game or when they purchased it.

Taking to Twitter, Jensen said: "Whether you picked up #DaysGone on day one, borrowed it from a friend, watched someone else play it, or tried it with PS Now or PS+, I appreciate you. Thank you for playing our game. The outpouring of love and support for our game and our studio has been incredible."

As well as other sources of appreciation, Sony Bend's lead designer must surely be referring to the popular petition set up to try and get Days Gone 2 approved. Since we reported on it last week, it has garnered more than 60,000 signatures. That's an impressive amount, but unfortunately, it's unlikely to have any effect on Sony's decision. Don't forget that the Days Gone developer is now reportedly already hard at work making something brand new.

Some will continue to back John Garvin's comments and wish to support studios on day one, while others will line up with this new statement from a member of the team still at Sony Bend. How do you great? Share your thoughts in the comments below.