Days Gone 2 Petition

A petition asking Sony to "approve" Days Gone 2 has been doing the rounds online for the past couple of days. At the time or writing it sits above 15,000 signatures, and it's climbing quite fast.

The petition itself is in response to the recent news that Sony wouldn't greenlight the supposed Days Gone sequel (which was apparently going to have co-op and shared world elements). It's believed that first party developer Sony Bend is now working on something new instead.

But as we've noted many times before, Days Gone is something of a fan favourite. In fact, a whopping 72 per cent of our readers said they'd buy Days Gone 2 "day one". The original game was met with rather lukewarm reviews at launch, but a lot of PlayStation fans were quick to heap praise the open world adventure. Unfortunately for protagonist Deacon St. John and his pals, Sony clearly doesn't see much potential in returning to that universe — even if it's happy to port the game to PC.

And so we have petitions like this. While it is nice to see people come together for a common cause, the reality of the situation is that it'll probably take a lot more than a petition to change the mind of a massive corporation like Sony. Still, the fan reaction to this whole situation will no doubt lift the spirits of those who worked on Days Gone. Who knows, the freaker-infested property could return one day.