Spider Man

Remember when the internet was up in arms over Spider-Man appearing exclusively in Marvel's Avengers? That whole kerfuffle looks a little silly six months later as the Crystal Dynamics title hasn't exactly set the world on fire like its big-screen counterparts have done in the past. Anyway, we're actually still waiting on the popular web-slinger to be added to the game, and it doesn't look like he'll be coming any time soon either. Marvel's Avengers has posted its 2021 roadmap alongside confirmation of an upcoming Black Panther campaign, and the web-head is nowhere to be seen.

With today's Hawkeye expansion and PS5 version already available, Spring will bring with it events named Tachyon Anomaly and Red Room Takeover. Meanwhile, Summer and beyond will host the Cosmic Cube and Wasteland Patrol episodes alongside the introduction of Black Panther. The roadmap notes that it doesn't include "all in-progress work", but surely the developer will want to make a big deal out of Spider-Man? Luckily, IGN asked Crystal Dynamics what's going on with the world's most popular superhero.

MarvelsAvengers Roadmap

Head of studio Scot Amos told the site: "I can tell you that, formally, officially, people are working on him right now. So it is still on our roadmap for the future." There we have it, then. Spider-Man continues to be worked on behind the scenes, but the studio doesn't want to commit to any sort of release window. All we know is that he won't be in the game before the summer months at the very least.

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