Marvels Avengers Ps5 Ps4

The previously delayed PlayStation 5 version of Marvel's Avengers is now available to download over on the PS Store. Shipping with two different modes, you'll be able to prioritise either the resolution or frame rate. 60 frames-per-second with a checkerboard 4K resolution is what you'll get in the "High Frame Rate Mode" while "High Quality Mode" is 30 frames-per-second at native 4K. And as long as everything goes to plan, current owners of the PS4 version will be able to upgrade to the PS5 edition free of charge today also. Let's just hope this latest attempt doesn't go the same way as Yakuza: Like a Dragon or Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. The PS Store lists a download size of 120GB.

Today also marks the moment that Hawkeye and his accompanying campaign becomes available for current players, adding more levels and a new character to play as without charge. Kate Bishop has been available for some months now, who was the first superhero to be added post-launch. However, there's also a negative side to this latest update. Developer Crystal Dynamics has now increased the grind needed to reach the maximum level of 50 by boosting the amount of XP you'll need to level up during the later ranks. The team then doubled down on this decision a few days later, so don't expect it to be reversed.

In our Marvel's Avengers PS4 review, we found the superhero effort to be a bit all over the place. Its single player campaign is a very enjoyable 15-hour adventure, but then everything that comes after it is rather questionable. We expect all that to remain intact with this PS5 version, but we'll be delivering another verdict in the near future.