It’s surprising to us that more indie developers haven’t looked to the classic style of Grand Theft Auto gameplay, but Rustler is wearing its inspiration on its chain mail. Billed as a Medieval sandbox for PlayStation 5 and PS4, this is a throwback isometric experience featuring an “historically inaccurate world”.

The blurb reads: “In Rustler, you’ll play as Guy, a tough-as-nails peasant whose parents were apparently too lazy to give him a proper name. After a typical night of drinking, Guy awakens in a dazed and confused stupor – and this is where his adventures begin. As Guy, you’ll take on absurd quests to steal horses, terrorise townsfolk in disguise, and brawl with the local law enforcing knights.”

Your goal is, ultimately, to “win the Grand Tournament and subsequently the princess’s hand”. You’ll complete missions to rise through the ranks, but obviously this an open world experience, so you’re free to go off the beaten path. “We hope players will also have a blast simply causing mayhem in villages and cities with a number of weapons at your disposal including swords, crossbows, and even holy hand grenades,” social media manager Lucas Croft said on the PlayStation Blog.

The game’s due out later this year on PS5 and PS4, and while it doesn’t have the best presentation, we’re pleased to see more studios revisit the retro Grand Theft Auto format.