The PlayStation 5 version of Marvel's Avengers just launched, and according to Digital Foundry, improvements over the PS4 edition are immediately noticeable. Most impressive is the fact that load times have been significantly reduced — to the point where the difference seems crazy.

On PS4 Pro, some load times can last over a minute. But on PS5, they're cut to just four seconds. There's a demonstration in the video above (around the 10 minute mark), and it's pretty eye opening.

Beyond that, the PS5 version's performance mode offers 60 frames-per-second, which is naturally the best way to play. What's more, Digital Foundry reports "significantly superior texture assets" on Sony's new system, making for a much better looking game overall. Nothing too surprising, then, but it sounds like a great upgrade — and it's free if you already own Marvel's Avengers on PS4.

In case you missed it, we got quite a bit of Marvel's Avengers news during Square Enix's most recent showcase. For a start, Black Panther's coming to the game this summer as part of its first expansion. Spider-Man's also still on the cards, but he won't be playable for a while yet.

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