What happens when a growing gig economy discovers emergency services? That's the question posed by Embr, a daft game about fighting fires for hire, either alone or with three others. It's just been confirmed for release on PlayStation 4, backwards compatible on PS5.

Using the titular in-game app, you'll pick up jobs from clients who need you to take care of their fire-related problems. Your job is to rescue people from burning buildings and put out the blaze, but this is one of those silly multiplayer titles — it puts a satirical spin on fighting fires.

In addition, you can also take other odd-jobs in the game to boost your cash — namely delivering food or acting as a courier. Earning money and five-star ratings, you'll be able to upgrade your equipment to take on even bigger jobs.

The game comes to PS4 this Summer, so expect things to get very heated in a few months' time. Will you be keeping it cool with Embr? Grab those extinguishers in the comments section below.