In a game title that is surely inspired by MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This, Can't Drive This comes to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 next month on 19th March 2021. Available physically and digitally, this two-player title pits one of you as the driver of a monster truck and the other with the job of building the track to race on. It comes from German studio Pixel Maniacs, who put out the pretty good PlayStation VR title ChromaGun back in 2017.

Three different modes and various layers of customisation will keep you coming back beyond the standard Yardage experience, which sees one player build the track while three racers compete for a high score upon it. The team will also be supporting the PS5's adaptive triggers. "Playing as the driver, the R2-trigger always provides a certain level of force when driving, just like a gas pedal would. The faster you drive, the tighter it gets!" And in the Game of Drones (yes, really) mode, it sounds like the triggers won't work at all if you get hit by an EMP mine. That's something Bethesda's Deathloop also plans on doing.

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