There’s an interesting concept behind Can’t Drive This. Developed by Pixel Maniacs — last seen with 2017’s ChromaGun — imagine Speed, but someone set the Bus route with a real-time level editor, and you’ve got the idea. Designed as a co-op experience, player one drives a customisable monster truck, while player two sets the course layout. If you drive too slowly – or fall off the course – the truck explodes.

As the builder, you’ll be given predetermined tiles to ensure the driver reaches their goal, which can be rotated as necessary. This starts with basic squares, ramps, and curves, before throwing out obstacles like speed boosts and flaming rings. Tile placement is key as if you get it wrong, that can block your partner’s path. Placements can’t be undone, so you need to be careful, which isn’t always easy considering the fast-paced gameplay.

You’ve got four modes here, though only two are available in online multiplayer. Yardage challenges you to drive as far as possible before exploding. Game of Drones has you collecting “holos” before moving onto the next level, avoiding EMP drops from flying drones. Capture the Egg is only available for four-players locally, seeing you stealing the other team’s giant egg. Finally, we have Lone Racer, a single-player option similar to Yardage, that has you swap between driving and building instead, and it's just not enjoyable.

Co-op is where Can’t Drive This truly shines. Bringing some frantic entertainment, cross-generation multiplayer, and adaptive feedback for acceleration – the only major PS5 upgrade — we just wish there was more to it. It’s also incredibly bare, and there isn’t huge variation between these modes. Unlocking new customisation options isn’t enough to keep you coming back, and though you’ll have a fun time with friends, you won’t be here for a long time.