There’s an audience for practically any pastime – we travelled all the way to Germany to check out Bus Simulator in those heady pre-pandemic days – so we’re not overly surprised to see Roadside Assistance Simulator given the greenlight. Due out on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023 – that’s not a typing error – the title will supposedly “draw experience from the best-selling Car Mechanic Simulator series”, allowing you to tend to all manner of vehicular breakdown scenarios.

In addition to towing away damaged cars, you’ll also be responsible for roadside repairs, like replacing flat tires and jump-starting depleted batteries. “The gameplay will also include a whole range of additional elements – you will need to, among others, quickly get to the scene of the accident, fight the competition to gain a better share of the market, maintain a tow truck or a car with a beaver tail trailer, as well as upgrade and expand your car repair shop,” the press release reads.

You can check out what appears to be a concept trailer embedded above, with Polish studio 3T Games leading on development duties. The project seems seriously early right now, but clearly there’s a market for this type of title; the press release name drops Car Mechanic Simulator multiple times, so it’s wearing its inspiration brazenly on its overalls here. Do you like these kind of games? Call the AA in the comments section below.