Final Fantasy 7 Remake 1

Final Fantasy VII Remake was unquestionably excellent, but it explored the narrowest arc of the original PS1 game’s story. Its sequel is expected to be much more expansive, then, and director Naoki Hamaguchi – perhaps feeling the weight of expectation on his shoulders – acknowledged as much in an otherwise innocent PlayStation Blog post about creators’ most anticipated games.

He picked Horizon Forbidden West, explaining: “In the sense that the next title is expected to evolve even further [than Horizon Zero Dawn], Final Fantasy VII Remake, which I’m in charge of, is expected to do so the same way. For that I have a personal affinity for Horizon. As a fan, I’m very much looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West.”

We’re expecting major Final Fantasy news fairly soon, as Square Enix recently registered a string of trademarks in Japan and the United States. There had been some hope that an orchestral concert held at the weekend would reveal new information, but sadly that didn’t turn out to be the case. Are you looking forward to the next chapter in Cloud’s story?