Final Fantasy VII Trademarks

Square Enix registered a number of Final Fantasy VII related trademarks at the end of last year, which have only just been made public. As reported by Gematsu, the trademarks include "Ever Crisis", "The First Solider", and the logo for Shinra — the power company that's wrecking the planet in Cloud and co.'s adventure.

Naturally, these trademarks have already sparked much speculation. Some think that they could point to DLC for Final Fantasy VII Remake, while others reckon that they could have something to do with additional projects set within the Final Fantasy VII universe. Whatever these trademarks turn out to be, this certainly won't be the last that we hear of them.

It's also worth remembering that Final Fantasy VII Remake will supposedly launch on platforms other than PS4 later this year, as that's when the Sony's exclusivity deal runs out. It could be that the trademarks have something to do with Remake's resurgence.

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