Final Fantasy VII Remake Reveal

Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake 'Orchestra World Tour' is happening this weekend in Japan. The concert is exclusive to those who have managed to snag an online ticket, but just days ahead of the event, Remake co-director Motomu Toriyama has teased some kind of reveal, which will take place during the show.

According to Audrey — who has translated Toriyama's comments to English on Twitter — Toriyama says: "In addition to the performance, we have a special programme planned as well. There will be a few things related to Final Fantasy VII Remake that will be revealed only at this concert." Interesting.

Now then, the question is, what's Toriyama on about? Is this worth getting excited over? Well, the PlayStation exclusivity period for Final Fantasy VII Remake is almost up, but it's unclear whether Square Enix can even announce the game for other platforms before the specified date (the 10th April). What's more, we don't think that the publisher would announce the title for other systems during a Japanese livestream — so let's rule that one out for now.

It could be that Remake will be revealed for PS5 as some kind of definitive edition — which makes all kinds of sense seeing as the game was in development for Sony's current-gen console well before it's PS4 release last year. And let's not forget: Square Enix recently registered a bunch of highly suspicious Final Fantasy VII-related trademarks. This sparked a lot of speculation over potential DLC and other announcements.

In any case, we'll know what this is about soon enough. Again, the online concert takes place this weekend, on the 13th February. In the meantime, let us know if you're getting your hopes up in the comments section below.