We can hardly blame you at this point if the Souls-like, pixel art, and boss-rush phrases are enough to incite a groan from the back of your throat, but at least hear Eldest Souls out. The isometric title from developer Fallen Flag Studio just confirmed PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions for the promising indie title originally unveiled during a Nintendo Indie World Showcase. It'll arrive at some point during Q2 2021, bringing with it a tough experience that's said to pair intense elements of the Souls-like genre with the lovely pixel art featured in the trailer above.

Upon confirming PS5 and PS4 console ports, programmer Francesco Barsotti commented on how the team has been working to make Eldest Souls the best it can be. "The response to the trailers and the demo during the Steam Game Festival lit a fire under us and we’re further excited by the chance to bring this experience to even more players. We can’t wait to see Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players challenge the Old Gods." You'll be able to shape your own character build after taking each boss down one by one through the use of various powers and abilities, all set inside a prison which once housed the very foes you're up against.