Warzone Skin Pay To Win Roze

Call of Duty: Warzone is in a really good place right now in terms of its weapon meta, so now it's time for a skin to be considered overpowered. If you play the Battle Royale title, you'll probably already know what the Roze outfit is. Pictured above, it's a skin that covers your character entirely in black pieces of clothing — the only thing you can make out is its eyes. The skin has been available in the game for a fairly long time now, but following a recent $250,000 Twitch tournament, it's being branded as pay-to-win.

That's because of the dark corners situated in some locations on the original Verdansk map as well as the new Rebirth Island, meaning opponents sometimes won't even be able to spot you when running past. And since there are hardly any other skins like it available, the community reckons it needs to be taken out of the game. You are at a disadvantage without equipping it, after all — something highlighted when a swarm of players using the Roze skin dominated the landscape in the recent Twitch bout. As Charlie Intel highlights, a situation similar to this occurred in Fortnite where the Plastic Patroller skin matched the greenery of the map. Epic Games quickly adjusted the colouring in that case.

As such, the Warzone community is currently taking great pride in eliminating teams wearing the Roze skin, whom of which are now labelled " sweaty" or "try-hards". Will Activision pull the getup entirely? We'll have to wait and see, but for now, Roze is enemy number one.

[source reddit.com, via charlieintel.com]