Little Nightmares II PS4

Ahead of release next month, you can now download a Little Nightmares II demo on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 to get a sense of what's up in the sequel. It's available from the PlayStation Store as we speak, with PS5 owners able to sample the bitesize, playable teaser via backwards compatibility. The listing describes what's in store: "This demo will let you discover the Wilderness and its bloodthirsty Resident: the Hunter for a taste of the adventures awaiting you in the full game." EU players can use this link to start downloading the Little Nightmares II demo, while US users should head through here.

The full game is less than a month away now as its 11th February 2021 release date draws ever closer, so will you be checking out this demo as soon as possible? Stick together in the comments below.