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Buried as part of a gigantic Hitman 3 pre-launch guide – which digs into all the details of progression transfer and content exports – IO Interactive has confirmed that it’s retired the controversial ICA Electrocution Phone. This was a Mission Stories unlock in Hitman 2’s New York, and was considered overpowered by some parts of the franchise’s community.

For those of you who don’t know, you could effectively “drop” this phone in the path of a target, and they’d subsequently pick it up. You could then call the phone, triggering an easy accidental kill. While it was fun to use, it effectively meant you could breeze through some missions in minutes with very simple Silent Assassin kills.

It’s still not clear whether the ICA Electrocution Phone has been replaced with a different gadget, or if it’s just been removed from the game entirely. We’re not sure where we stand on this, really: obviously it does strip away some of the purity from the leaderboards, but we’re not professional players and we had fun with the gizmo. Either way, it’s been taken out of Agent 47’s arsenal.