Here it is, then: the first format face off since the PlayStation 5’s launch that’s definitively in the Xbox Series X’s favour. Sony’s system has generally, to the surprise of many, been turning in marginally better results than its nearest rival in multiformat games, but Hitman 3 is the first title to trend the opposite way – even if you’ll need a magnifying glass to appreciate the differences.

No one plays with a microscope, of course, but that’s the entire reason Digital Foundry exists! According to its pixel counting, the PS5 version of the game turns in an 1800p resolution, while the Xbox Series X achieves 2160p. There are also higher quality shadows on Microsoft’s flagship format, but we really are talking about teensy differences here.

In fact, according to the tech experts, the PS5 even maintains an extremely minor framerate advantage in the Mendoza location, retaining a sturdy 60 frames-per-second while the Xbox Series X can dip as low as 50 frames-per-second. We’re splitting hairs here; the real takeaway is that all next-gen versions of the game look and run well.