Resident Evil Village Complete Set Collectors Edition

Come on, own up: who doesn't want to own Chris Redfield's coat? We know you've all been waiting for the opportunity to splash the cash on the Resident Evil character's getup, and now the opportunity has finally arrived with a Resident Evil Village collector's edition that'll only set you back $1,800. It's a bit of a bargain, but since this version of the game is only being offered in Japan at 192,500 yen, delivery charges will see that price rise a little bit more.

Alongside the stylish garment, you'll get all the other items included in the standard collector's edition. That includes a statue of the man himself, a poster featuring the in-game map, a box, artbook, and steelbook. Capcom plans to flog all of that stuff at $219, which means the developer reckons Chris Redfield's coat is worth in the region of $1,580! That's certainly a high price, as the Resident Evil 4 Merchant would put it.

Will you buy one? Grab two in the comments below.

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