Destruction AllStars PS5

It feels like Destruction AllStars has been given a massive new lease of life after it was delayed out of the PlayStation 5 launch window to become a free PlayStation Plus title next month. Instead of a $70 purchase, everyone with a PS Plus subscription will gain access to the game from Lucid Games, and it looks like the developer has a lot of information to reveal in the lead up to launch. It's a good job too because it doesn't feel like we know all that much about the part-racer experience.

Taking to Twitter, Lucid Games said: "Destruction AllStars is almost here. We've got a lot in store for you ahead of our release next month on PlayStation Plus!" We have to assume that'll include extended gameplay clips, informative details which dive into how the game plays, and how it'll be supported past next month. Are we looking at the next Rocket League or Fall Guys? Let's hope so.

What do you want to know about Destruction AllStars? Will you be checking the game out via PS Plus next month regardless? Speed into the comments below.