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Update: There were reports on Reddit this weekend of fans receiving refunds for Cyberpunk 2077. While not everyone was having luck with customer support, many players were. Today CD Projekt RED issued a statement, with the following sentence: "For copies purchased digitally, please use the refund system of PSN or Xbox respectively."

The problem is, as stated below, PSN doesn't have a refund system. And now it seems a significant number of players are being turned away by customer support, and their refund denied. Here's a screenshot of one such instance, but social media is full of similar ones:

In fact, in one customer service conversation sent directly to us by a reader, the Sony representative suggests waiting for upcoming January and February patches:

Exactly why some were able to get a refund over the weekend and now others can't is unclear, but this is not good enough whichever way you look at it. CD Projekt RED's statement may have been vague, but it suggested owners of digital copies would be able to get a refund. Worse still, Sony's actions over the weekend confirmed that it is processing refunds for some users and not others, but it's not clear who's eligible and who's not. We'll try and contact both companies to find out what's going on.

Original Story: Sony doesn’t really have a PlayStation Store refund policy, which has been a sore point for fans for years. However, it has historically been known to reimburse players in exceptional circumstances, and it seems like Cyberpunk 2077’s performance woes fit that criteria. While not everyone is having luck with customer support, Reddit reports that plenty are, and one PlayStation representative even mentioned that they’d received lots of calls regarding this particular issue.

You’ll no doubt already be aware of the shortcomings of CD Projekt RED’s ambitious role-playing game, with the title running as low as 720p on a standard PlayStation 4, and dipping all the way down to 15 frames-per-second. Worse still, some aspects of the title are outright broken, with regular crashing, interface issues, and bugged quests. The developer is releasing new patches regularly, but if you’re finding the title unplayable and you purchased it from the PS Store, then a refund may be one option for you.