It was written in the stars, but it's now official. Keanu Reeves, who is famous because he acts in films and things, will be joining Geoff Keighley at The Game Awards.

Reeves has formed a connection with gaming due to his heavy involvement in Cyberpunk 2077. Playing the role of Johnny Silverhand, he stays with main character V through the story, and will probably give you bad advice.

This news more or less confirms the CD Projekt RED game will make an appearance in some form. We imagine that, once Reeves has presented a trophy, a flashy Cyberpunk trailer will kick in. You know it makes sense.

Keanu joins the likes of Tom Holland, Stephen A. Smith, Brie Larson, Gal Gadot, Troy Baker, Nolan North, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, film director Christopher Nolan, YouTuber Jacksepticeye, and of course, the Swedish Chef as guests during the awards show. The Game Awards 2020 gets started tomorrow.