Gal Gadot The Game Awards

Spider-Man: Far From Home and Uncharted movie actor Tom Holland will be joined at The Game Awards 2020 next week by fellow film superstars Gal Gadot and Brie Larson. All three will present awards as part of the ceremony, but it is currently unclear if their inclusion will go any further than that. We expect Holland to drop some sort of teaser trailer for the upcoming movie based on Nathan Drake, but then Gadot could also bring with her a sweet TV spot for Christmas film Wonder Woman 1984.

As for Brie Larson, she has been synonymous with Nintendo as of late thanks to appearances in Animal Crossing: New Horizons adverts as well as her general enthusiasm for Tom Nook and co. Maybe she'll be teaming up with the popular Switch supplier once again for some sort of reveal. As for confirmed announcements so far, we know a Crimson Desert gameplay reveal is headed our way. For more information on when and where to watch The Game Awards 2020, head on through the link. Will the three actors have any surprises up their sleeves? Let us know in the comments below.