Geoff Keighley is back to host The Game Awards this coming Thursday as the annual show returns to celebrate all things gaming. There won't be a live audience in attendance this year, but announcements and reveals from the world's biggest developers will be. Alongside some important awards, of course. That means it's time for the Push Square editorial team to share their PlayStation 5 predictions for the ceremony, detailing the surprises they expect. Each member will share one realistic projection and then another you could probably consider a bit of a pipe dream. Because you've got to hope for the best after the year we've all had, right? Anyway, let the predictions commence.

Our PS5 Predictions for The Game Awards 2020 Feature 2

Sammy Barker, Editor

I like The Game Awards a lot, and I think Geoff Keighley deserves tremendous respect for what he’s managed to accomplish with this show. It’s probably the best it possibly can be at this point, and that’s a huge achievement. All that said, I’m not expecting any outrageous reveals, and so I’ll settle for the debut of some kind of Uncharted Movie trailer, presented by Tom Holland, who’ll play Nathan Drake in the forthcoming blockbuster.

I still believe there may be some kind of tie-in game to go along with the feature film, and despite disruption at Sony’s secret San Diego studio, it sounds like that project is still in production. It’s widely assumed that the new team has been established to work on a new Uncharted title, so as far as unrealistic predictions go, I could perhaps see the release being teased alongside the movie. Makes sense in my head, anyway.

Our PS5 Predictions for The Game Awards 2020 Feature 3

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

I don't have especially high expectations for The Game Awards this year, given the state of the world, but I think we could still get some cool announcements. I reckon Final Fantasy VII Remake (the first part) will be announced for other platforms — as well as PS5. I'm not sure what Square Enix will stuff into the PS5 port, but I can totally envision a kind of 'definitive edition' of the game, especially since the publisher has been so quiet on the matter since Remake's release back in April.

As for a much more out-there prediction, it's gotta be a Bloodborne remaster announcement for PS5 (and probably PC). The rumours surrounding this supposed project just refuse to go away, and Geoff seems to have a solid relationship with the folks over at FromSoftware. Believe in the dream!

Our PS5 Predictions for The Game Awards 2020 Feature 4

Stephen Tailby, Associate Editor

The Game Awards gets some pretty big scoops — lest we forget that last year's show started with the unveiling of Xbox Series X — so there's definitely some leeway with smaller bets. I do think Sony could rock up with one or two announcements to close out the year. Unless it suddenly reveals its own plans, one thing I could see at Keighley's show is a release date for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It was one of the first PS5 games we saw, and it's scheduled for the first half of 2021 — maybe Sony's ready to nail down a launch window.

Perhaps less likely would be something The Last of Us: Part II related. What if Sony shows off the standalone multiplayer offering, for PS4 and PS5? We know Naughty Dog has been beavering away on this project, and there was that story trailer that dropped out of the blue. You could even go one step further: the announcement of The Last of Us multiplayer, releasing alongside a PS5 remaster of the sequel. Far stranger things have happened.

Our PS5 Predictions for The Game Awards 2020 Feature 5

Liam Croft, Senior Staff Writer

After my colleagues covered most bases with their own realistic predictions, I'm going to keep things super simple. We haven't seen Gotham Knights since its announcement earlier this year, so I reckon we're due a gameplay trailer and more details — it is out in 2021, after all. A demo, perhaps? Geoff loves to drop some of those around his events. Maybe Gal Gadot will even be the one to reveal the footage since she is tied up with DC. A bit of a boring prediction, but I'm supposed to be realistic here!

Now, let's be incredibly unrealistic. I told myself not to speak of the rumoured Silent Hill PS5 project ever again after it failed to appear during Sony's September event. And yet, here I am making it my dream prediction one last time. Despite series creator Keiichiro Toyama recently leaving Sony Japan Studio to form his own team, some insiders remain adamant the project still exists. This is the last chance I give it. If Silent Hill PS5 does not become a reality at The Game Awards, I won't speak of it again. I promise you.

Do you have any predictions of your own for The Game Awards 2020? What will be the big surprises and unexpected announcements? Share your own list of expected reveals in the comments below.