The PlayStation 5 might be the most sought after entertainment product in the world right now as the console becomes incredibly difficult to get ahold of in the lead up to Christmas. Pre-orders are over and done with and even the promise of more stock before December's big day will leave some parents with uncertainty over whether they can deliver on their child's gaming wishes. This viral PS5 tweet brings us back down to earth, however, explaining that the situation really isn't that serious. It comes after one customer appears to have ripped into a DualSense controller's packaging to steal it while the product still hangs on the shelf.

The craziest thing about the post though is that it has amassed a ludicrous 14,700 retweets and 136,700 likes in less than two days. That sure is a lot of shareability, especially considering the tweet probably took about 30 seconds to put together. So, what actually happened here? Did the culprit get away with the crime or were they caught trying to leave the store? We need to know. If anything, it's a reminder that there are more important things in life than the current PS5 stock situation.