PS5 PlayStation 5 CustomizeMyPlates
Image: CustomizeMyPlates

Well, this all went downhill rather quickly, didn't it? A brand new company was planning on producing and selling a variety of unofficial PlayStation 5 faceplates. It would allow you to change the look of your new console by replacing the white shell with alternative colours or patterns. It's clearly something people are interested in, but unfortunately, none more so than Sony's lawyers.

Last week, the business was forced to change its name from PlateStation 5 to CustomizeMyPlates, as well as remove all PS5 imagery from its website, after the platform holder's legal team got in touch. However, Sony didn't stop there; it's now made the company cease all orders of the custom faceplates, else it face further legal action. CustomizeMyPlates has now cancelled and refunded any orders for the items.

Instead, it's now selling vinyl skins (pictured above) you can apply to your PS5 and DualSense controller if you want a more colourful look. It seems that these are safe to order, so if you've been left without a custom shell, there are still options. Were you set to receive some unofficial PS5 faceplates? Tell us what you think of all this in the comments section below.