A new chunk of gameplay footage from upcoming looter shooter Outriders has been released, showing what you can expect from the experience once you're finished with the campaign.

Outrider's endgame is based on 'expeditions'. There are 14 of these in-depth challenges to get through, and the difficulty is described as "brutal". As you farm more and more powerful loot from expeditions, you can start pushing the difficulty even higher.

Impressively, developer People Can Fly says that expeditions do not reuse any content from the main campaign. All 14 locations have been built from the ground up for experienced players looking to put their character builds to the test. It all sounds very promising.

Outriders was recently delayed beyond the PS5's launch, and it's now set to release on the 2nd February, 2021. Will you be looting and shooting next year? Plan your own expedition in the comments section below.