It’s the big next-gen buzzword that enthusiasts can’t stop talking about, and now we can finally confirm as part of our PS5 review: Sony’s next-gen console doesn’t have Quick Resume. Well, not yet, anyway. The inclusion of a button on the Control Centre panel named Switcher is conspicuous, but at present it lists your most recently played games. You can, technically, toggle to a different title from here – but it’ll reboot.

Quick Resume PS5 PlayStation 5 2

Here’s the good news, though: our calculations peg a cold boot of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales at around nine seconds, while Astro’s Playroom powers up in approximately eight seconds. However, the caveat is that this won’t retain your game state, so you need to have reached a save point or your progress will not be retained.

Ever since Microsoft started showing off the Xbox Series X, this feature has snowballed in importance among some communities. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Japanese giant has plans to implement something similar at a later date, or whether it believes that the overall speed of its SSD is good enough to circumvent Quick Resume entirely. At launch, though, it’s not here.