Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 Wishlists PS Store 1

What can we tell you about the new PlayStation Store? Well, first of all it’s really convenient, because it exists within the system software rather than a separate app. This means that when you use the console’s search function, for example, it’ll bring up options in the PS Store, and when you click those items you’ll be taken straight to a product page. No loading, no apps.

Even better is that there’s a new Wishlist built into the console, and it’s a good one this time. Many were disappointed at the removal of the feature from the web-based PS Store, but we had an inkling the platform holder was planning an upgrade for the PS5. And now the embargo has lifted on all next-gen coverage, we can confirm it – Wishlists, at last!

You can add any games or DLC you’re interested in to your Wishlist, and you’ll receive updates and notifications about them over time. While it’s still early days and we’re yet to properly test the feature out, we get the impression that you’ll be alerted if, for example, any of the titles on your Wishlist go on sale. You can also follow games for updates, like new DLC launching.

To be honest, we’re not overly enthusiastic about the design of the new PS Store, but functionally it does feel like a step-forward. Subscriptions are way better presented, and it’s a lot easier to see what’s new. Sony also appears eager to editorialise a bit better, so there’s an entire Collections tab made up of the company’s recommendations – presumably it’ll run themed promotions here.

It’s worth mentioning that both PS Plus and PS Now have separate apps on the console, curating content from the two subscriptions. In the case of PS Plus, you can quickly and easily see the new free games, as well as any other bonus content packs and perks. We’re sure the Japanese giant will be refining all of this over time, but even at launch, it’s a significant upgrade over PS4.