New PlayStation Store Game Names

Sony rolled out its new PlayStation Store on web browser and mobile near the end of last month, and simply put, it's a huge downgrade on the previous design. Game pages have been stripped of key features like screenshots and even related product links. It all just feels totally unfinished.

Fortunately, 'unfinished' could be the key word here. The web-based PlayStation Store has just been updated so that it actually includes the name of each product in plain text. Can you imagine? Yes, the new store really did launch without product names, forcing potential buyers to squint at thumbnails in order to discern each game's identity. Mental.

Anyway, that's no longer the case. Game icons are now accompanied by names in plain text, and everything's right with the world. As for the numerous other issues that the new PlayStation Store has, we'll just have to hope that Sony continues to smooth things out — preferably before the PS5 launches next week.