Days Gone PS4

Days Gone is what you'd consider a fan favourite of the PlayStation 4 generation, and its hardcore community is still pulling off impressive feats in-game more than 18 months after launch. Just take Reddit user SpawnicusRex, for example, who has been detailing their efforts to kill off entire hordes of Freakers without firing a single bullet. The pro player has accomplished this with both the Iron Butte and Sawmill hordes so far, sending 800 Freakers back to their graves without ever pulling a trigger. Pretty cool, right?

Check out both successful attempts in the videos below, which demonstrate how traps set in specific positions will take out hundreds of undead members at a time. As such, you'd never need to waste any bullets. We actually covered the work of SpawnicusRex earlier this year, but given the latest example where 500 Freakers meet their demise as well as the game inclusion in the PS Plus Collection, we figured it was time for a refresher.

Could ever attempt such a feat in Days Gone? Share your tips and tricks in the comments below.