The best thing about PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone is that it allows you to play in a multitude of different ways. If you want to approach a situation in stealth then that’s perfectly viable; alternatively, you can equip yourself with as many firearms as possible, and go guns blazing like an 80s action hero. In this video, one player clears an entire horde of 300 Freakers without firing a single shot.

How do they do it, then? Well, it requires some careful planning and well-placed explosives. The player then uses a mixture of decoys and Molotovs to burn the monsters and clear out the horde for good. The video makes it look easy, but if you’ve played Sony Bend’s apocalyptic open worlder then you’ll know that actually dealing with these swarms of enemies is a white-knuckle experience.

This is an impressive achievement, for sure. Bravo!