Marvel’s Avengers’ long-awaited – and free – expansion featuring Kate Bishop will roll out from 8th December on the PlayStation 4, developer Crystal Dynamics announced today as part of a War Table content drop. This add-on will feature an entirely new story, as well as a brand new villain: the Super Adaptoid.

The press release reveals: “In Taking AIM, Kate Bishop, master archer and skilled gymnast, resurfaces after her investigation of Nick Fury’s disappearance following A-Day leads to her mentor Clint Barton (aka Hawkeye) going missing as well. As she unravels the mystery behind the sudden appearance of the time-warping Tachyon Rifts, she uncovers a twisted new plan from AIM, which pushes her to work with the Avengers once again.”

The content will represent the first of Hawkeye’s story, with Clint Burton’s adventure scheduled to debut in 2021. You can learn more about the content, its characters, and the kind of rewards you can expect for playing it in the trailer embedded above. In the meantime, let us know whether this will tempt you back to Marvel’s Avengers in the comments section below.