2K Sports has released the first footage of NBA 2K21 gameplay, running on the PlayStation 5. While this is a heavily edited trailer showing cinematic camera angles, it’s a clear jump compared to the current-gen version. For starts, the character models are wildly detailed, with Steph Curry in particular looking photo-realistic here.

Here's a comparison shot which shows just how much the game has been enhanced on PS5, compared to NBA 2K20 on PS4:

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Zion Williamson Comparison NBA 2K20

And here are a few more screenshots for you to view once you're done with the trailer. There's a gigantic improvement to lighting and overall detail:

We also see much more detailed court environments, with enhanced crowds and broadcast crews all adding side-line activity to the on-court action. Visual Concepts has said that it’s built the game from the ground-up for Sony’s next-gen console, with a new AI system powering every single person in the arena to really sell the authenticity of the action.

More information will be revealed over the coming weeks, including details on an all-new Neighborhood experience. For now, ogle the insane visuals embedded above.

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