Before we’re too critical, we should stress that this article comes with a caveat: the new PlayStation Store for web and mobile still isn’t live for everyone yet, so it’s possible it may still be being adjusted on the fly. Still, it’s been available for a good 12 hours for us now, and we’re shocked this is what the Japanese giant has come up with.

Let’s be clear: the previous browser-based PS Store was not very good, and needed an overhaul. So when the company confirmed that it’d be stripping PS3, PS Vita, and PSP titles from the website, we figured it would remove an anchor from around the organisation’s neck, and allow it to introduce a much better page to purchase games from.

If anything, though, this is a significant downgrade.

We’d be able to forgive the bland design, which leverages acres of white space and colossal promotional images, if the functionality was good. But let’s have a poke around, shall we? Okay, let’s, for example, take a look at the new releases – that’s simple enough:

PS Store Web Mobile 1

Firstly, why is there no text for the game titles? We suppose it’s not a big deal, as the icon has the name in it, but it still looks a bit weird on the page, doesn’t it? Alright, then, what’s this DOOM Eternal product page? There’s no price on it, so let’s click on it and find out more:

PS Store Web Mobile 2

Oh, okay, it’s DOOM Eternal Battle Mode apparently, and it’s not available for purchase. That’s because we need to buy the title’s new DLC to access it, which is fair enough. Scrolling down five or six screens reveals a description about the mode, but there are no screenshots. In fact, there are no screenshots on any game page at all!

Alright, let’s try searching for something. It’s quite slow, but the search functionality does just about work. How about Minecraft – that’s a popular game!

PS Store Web Mobile 3

Oh, this isn’t pleasant at all. There are two pages for Minecraft, one seemingly includes Starter Content and the other doesn't. Weird. What’s this third option for £2.49, then? There’s no further information available as part of the search results, so let’s click it and find out:

PS Store Web Mobile 4

Ah, okay, it’s a Texture Pack – well, we’d never have figured that out from the icon. This is very messy and very difficult to use. There’s no wishlist, and multiple platforms have been removed. Maybe – just maybe – the platform holder has some further updates waiting to roll out. But if this is the extent of what it’s cooked up? Wow! This, honestly, beggars belief.