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To be fair to Sony, we can see what it’s trying to do with Parties on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Effectively, it wants them to be more Discord-esque, enabling you to communicate with your pals in a variety of different ways. The problem is that this change comes at the expense of the simplicity of the previous system, and we’re a little surprised it made it past the prototyping stage.

After several days of strong criticism, the company has taken to Twitter to notify fans that it’s listening to feedback. Frankly, it’d be pretty hard to miss based on the evidence we’ve seen:

That’s the extent of the message, so there are no solutions proposed right now, but hopefully it can find a way to provide everyone with the best of both worlds. Ultimately, something’s going to have to change, because players are not happy with the changes introduced this week. What are your thoughts on the new Party system? Share your feedback in the comments section below.