Wow! It’s been a bonkers 24 hours for PlayStation 5 rumours, as first images of the next-gen console’s user interface have allegedly leaked – but we’ve been unable to verify their authenticity. Among the leaks is a video of the system’s start-up sequence, images that suggest the console will include 664GB of usable storage space, and more. However, it could all be a big hoax!

Let’s recap events first and foremost. Overnight, a Reddit user claimed to have access to the PS5, and posted various photos of the system, some of which appeared to be fake or stolen from other sources. The poster then went on to claim that, in return for €100, they’d upload footage of the boot sequence. That’s since been shared online, and you can view it below:

Is it legitimate? We genuinely don’t know. The black DualSense controller is apparently the one that comes with development kits, and does appear to be authentic; it’s worth noting that the login screen is consistent with the one that the Japanese giant teased all the way back in June during its Future of Gaming event.

All of the leaks appear to be coming out of Russia, but we’ve been unable to corroborate what we’re actually seeing and whether it’s legitimate. If it’s real, it looks like the console takes about 20 seconds to boot which isn’t much faster than the PS4 Pro, although this could be a prototype unit or a devkit as mentioned above. And that’s assuming it’s real to begin with.

The story doesn’t end there, however. As alluded earlier, low-resolution off-screen photographs of what is purported to be the PS5’s UI have also appeared online. These images allege that the console has 664GB of usable hard drive space, with Astro’s Playroom using up around 2.4GB of that space. There is a clear mouse cursor on the photograph, which does call into question its validity.

You may be wondering how the 825GB that’s been advertised alongside the PS5 ends up only offering 664GB of usable storage space. Well, the real-world capacity of the console should be 768GB when correctly converted. This means that, should the leak be accurate, the device’s operating system would be using up the leftover space. You will be able to extend the storage space, and you can find out Which SSD Drives Will Be Compatible with PS5 through the link.

Other, seemingly new, photographs of the alleged console show its display stand, as well as removable face plates. These appear to line up with images that we’ve seen from manufacturing in the past, but have never been officially verified. It wouldn’t be impossible to 3D print objects of this nature, so retain a degree of scepticism when looking at these.

Alas, we’ll try to get confirmation from Sony, but we’re not expecting a response. Assuming this is real, it won’t be the way the manufacturer wanted the UI to be revealed. Of course, this was always the danger when the company decided to keep it a secret; we’re just over a month away from launch now, so things were always going to begin leaking online.

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