Rockstar Dundee PS4 PlayStation 4 1

In a move that’s almost sure to guarantee more Grand Theft Auto Online content, Rockstar Games has acquired Ruffian Games, the developer of Crackdown 2. As is standard procedure for the juggernaut label, it’s rebranded the studio Rockstar Dundee – and you can see confirmation of that courtesy of a Companies House listing on the UK government’s website.

As late as last October, Ruffian Games was hiring for work on “unspecified titles for Rockstar Games”, so the buyout probably makes sense all things considered. Unfortunately, with the label pledging practically its entire existence to Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode, it’s unlikely to mean much for those hoping for more out of the firm.

On a related note, this image was doing the rounds on Twitter over the weekend:

Makes for a depressing sight, doesn’t it?

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