If you ever need proof that the internet is incredibly thirsty for PlayStation 5 information, look no further than the recent console teardown video. Yasuhiro Ootori's breakdown of the system and its features was shadow dropped earlier this week without even a hint of build-up and has already amassed a whopping 6.3 million views at the time of writing. If you add the viewing figures of IGN and GameSpot's re-uploads on top, this statistic falls just shy of seven million. For context, that's almost two million more views than September's PS5 Showcase event, which currently sits on 4.7 million.

That's pretty impressive, right? A simple teardown video which didn't actually reveal that many new PS5 details has managed to outperform an entire next-gen event which confirmed pricing and launch info in just two days. Don't forget that the digital showcase also played host to the announcement of Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy, and God of War Ragnarok — three seriously big hitters.

Sony has been catching a lot of flack as of late for staying too quiet while its competition drums up positive press. However, when the Japanese giant does choose to speak, this is just more proof that it likes to do it big. It knows it can grab the gaming world's attention at a moment's notice, and better yet, we appear to be over that hump everyone was complaining about. PS5 news is arriving thick and fast now, with a UI reveal assumedly not too far behind.

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