As part of an impending shake-up to the browser-based PlayStation Store, Sony has rolled out new Game Library functionality on its official website. You’re now able to filter your purchases based on platform, but PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are the only options at the time of typing. We reported last week that the platform holder would be removing PS3, PS Vita, and PSP products from its online storefront – although you’ll still be able to buy games for those platforms through their native PS Store clients.

In addition to the format filter, there are also tabs for Purchased, Played, Downloads, PS Plus, and PS Now. This allows you to, for example, order your games based on the ones you’ve most recently played or claimed through subscription services. Unfortunately, you can’t see how long you’ve played your games for yet, but this feels like the first phase of a much broader rollout, so just cross your fingers on that front for the time being. There’s also no Wishlist option here, but again, it’s still early days.

You can check out the new Game Library through here. It’s unquestionably cleaner than the one available as part of the browser-based PS Store previously, but the lack of legacy consoles is sure to frustrate some fans. Are you happy with this upgrade? Have fun sifting through your collection in the comments section below.

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