If you’re playing MyTEAM in NBA 2K21, then you may be eager to learn that Season 2 has just launched. This is 2K Sports’ non-paid adaptation of Fortnite’s Battle Pass format, where you complete challenges to earn XP in order to unlock new rewards. The grand prize is a Pink Diamond Blake Griffin, although you’ll unlock tons of other items along the way to Level 40.

Triple Threat is getting a new single player mode, where you’ll face off against various iconic trios from the history of the NBA, and you’ll need to adapt your team to meet the entry criteria. You’ll get a Free Agent Zion Williamson for participating, while Vince Carter is getting his own Signature Challenge. It’s worth adding that all of your progress will carry across to PlayStation 5 in MyTEAM, so start entering all NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and building your roster now.

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