London-based grime superstar Stormzy’s new song Rainfall will headline Watch Dogs: Legion’s soundtrack, and here’s the music video set inside the game’s futuristic London. The Vossi Bop artist – who’s also featured on the soundtrack for NBA 2K21, FIFA 21, and EA Sports UFC 4 this year alone – has been mocapped for the music video, and you’ll see him rapping away in front of landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus and Tower Bridge.

To be fair, this is a really cool use of the game’s engine, as the locations look great. There’s a bit of uncanny valley going on with Stormzy’s character model, but we’re surprised more crossovers like this haven’t been created before – especially at a time when coronavirus is making it challenging to shoot more traditional music videos.

The song itself is written around a sample from Mary Mary’s Shackles, which works really well in our opinion. Your mileage may vary!